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One of the first tasks a company faces when it wants to address the Chinese audience is branding. Our branding is our sign of identity and constitutes a tool to get closer to the market we are targeting. Adapting our logo is a demonstration of our responsiveness and our interest in its culture.

The Chinese language is complex. In its pronunciation and its structure, but above all in its writing. However, this feature can be a great advantage to provide other values to our branding in Chinese, a characteristic that our writing does not have. When creating a Chinese name, we must ask ourselves, what idea do we want to attribute to our brand? What Chinese audience do we want to attract? etc.

At Long we offer linguistic support to your company: we interpret, translate and advise you on a comprehensive translation service focused on international marketing and cultural differences. We have a team of multilingual specialists who translate from other languages such as Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese.
We also take care of the creation of content for the Chinese public in addition to giving comprehensive advice on the creation of websites in Chinese, information brochures, dossiers or presentations, letter of services, etc …

Our mission is to adapt the content not only through translation, but also by considering other factors in relation to Chinese preferences and culture, getting as close as possible to the source message.

Contact us for more information about our Chinese translation, interpretation, branding or content creation services.

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