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Training in Chinese tourism: access to the market and reception of the Chinese traveller

The three-hour “Training Course on Chinese Tourism: Market Access and Traveller Reception” is designed specifically for professionals in the hotel sector who wish to better understand and make use of the profitable Chinese tourism market. Long Strategic Consultancy offers comprehensive training for staff and managers of relevant departments to guide consciously the strategies aimed at this market in each area.

The objective of this training course is to answer efficiently and concisely some of the fundamental questions that professionals in the sector ask themselves when they are looking for or receiving Chinese clients: What are the keys to attracting Chinese tourism? What can we not forget when dealing with Chinese travellers? Which cultural and economic factors differentiate China from other markets that we already know?



  1. Attracting the Chinese tourist: Trade barriers; Chinese tourism agencies and local partners; online marketing and communication; sector fairs and the Chinese tourist calendar.

  2. Profile of the Chinese traveller and their expectations.

  3. Welcoming the Chinese tourist: good practices and adaptation of services; protocol keys.

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