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Course of protocol and Chinese business culture

The aim of this course is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to negotiate in the Chinese market. This course is not only aimed to entrepreneurs but also to professionals who participate in this market. The tools provided in relation to culture and business in China can be fundamental in making the most of visits and meetings with Chinese partners and avoiding the cultural difficulties that arise from the meetings.

The objectives of this course are articulated through the following contents – What is China like? Culture and tradition, business, business tourism, and language and it pursues the following aims:



  1. To provide a general overview to understand our potential in the Chinese market and how to participate in it.

  2. To become familiar with Chinese customs that must be taken into account in the business world.

  3. The student will be given verbal and non-verbal tools to understand the basic aspects of communication in China.

  4. Know the traditions applicable to the business world: guanxi, mianzi, hierarchies, networking and protocol.

  5. To know the silent components of a good professional relationship.

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