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Market and sectoral studies

Market studies and sector reports for companies and institutions aim to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of different sectors and industries in China, and these documents are the key to:


 – Understanding the consumer’s current situation in China.

– Understand the growth potential and performance of the sector.

– Getting to know the keys to attracting investment or clients in China.

– Identify the factors that slow down growth and provide solutions.

– Provide knowledge to adapt you offering.

– Determine the values and resources invested.

– Establish the economic, political and socio-cultural factors that influence the growth of the different sectors.

Methodology and content development: 


  1. Definition of contents: First, we define together with the client the index and contents to be developed, according to their needs.

  2. Compilation of information and research: search for relevant information and statistics from studies and information portals in the sector, both from public agencies (European commissions, national public institutes, Ministries, as well as private institutions (think tanks, agencies, consultants, etc.)

  3. Attendance at events: members of the Long Strategic Consultancy team regularly attend seminars, conferences and events related to market access, in both China and Spain (and other locations) to keep abreast of the most important developments in each sector.

  4. Interviews and consultations with experts: As a result of the search and analysis of information, the aspects that require further observation and discussion are identified. In order to delve deeper into these issues, as well as to clarify or resolve other possible doubts that have arisen during the previous stages of the research, the option of arranging interviews with specialists in the sector, who can contribute their vision and experience to the study, will be valued.

  5. Modifications and final drafting: based on the information obtained, modifications and additions will be made to the text drafted so far. Based on the above, the most important recommendations and conclusions of the study will be formulated. 

We have achieved market studies for: Fundación Fomento de Turismo de Menorca, Riu Hotels & Resorts, Crispgolf...

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