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Diagnosis of internationalisation

The main objective of this diagnosis is to reflect a global vision of the company. It is considered the starting point for our team to evaluate and estimate the current situation of the company. One of the techniques that we usually use to make this diagnosis is a SWOT analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, Opportunities), which allows us to clarify the situation of the company by analyzing its internal characteristics and its external situation.

Taking into account the company’s background and its previous actions in other markets, we can evaluate the suitability of the target markets and draw up a roadmap that defines our future actions and our strategy to follow.

The internationalization of a company only makes sense if it is carried out in the long term and that is why at Long we understand that we must provide a comprehensive service throughout the entire process. For this reason, after carrying out the diagnosis, we will carry out an operational guide based on the conclusions drawn from the SWOT analysis and the selection of target markets, in which the short and long-term actions in different areas will be detailed: communication, sales, distribution, etc. and thus the internationalization process will be successfully carried out.

The internal analysis of the company will consist of a deep investigation on the current state of the company, its competitive position in the current market, as well as a study of the product / service.

If you still have doubt whether to expand to other countries or if you want to improve your strategy, contact us for more information about our internationalization diagnostic service.

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