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Chinese tourism access pack

During the last decade, Chinese tourism has led a revolution in the world tourism, becoming the country that sends the most international tourists in the world. Despite the potential of this tourist market, only companies that know how to communicate their values ​​and adapt their services to them are those that enjoy this new traveler profile, whose main characteristics are its high value in spending per tourist and stay, and its accelerated growth. According to the client’s needs, at Long we offer 3 different packs with different contents (basic-medium-premium).

Our Chinese tourism access services aim to provide our client with both theoretical and practical tools to attract, optimize and communicate with the Chinese tourists. This pack consists of numerous services that range from training dedicated to the profile of the Chinese tourist, among others, to optimizing the website and its communication channels with China.

We have designed a set of 6 services with direct actions that will allow you to access Chinese tourism::


  1. A practical and theoretical training dedicated to Chinese tourism and how to participate in it. This training will work with case studies and real situations that allow managers to acquire useful and quality information.
  2. We take care of translating and adapting your brand and all the information resources, even subtitling and adapting promotional videos.
  3. A strategic consulting session in the same hotel facilities, where the current situation will be assessed and a brief diagnosis will be made and later, objectives will be set. After this session, a roadmap will be developed for the hotel management in order to outline commercial and marketing actions that can increase the attraction of customers from China.
  4. We optimize your website and digital environment to improve the Chinese users´ experience.
  5. An access manual will be delivered upon completion of the consultancy together with the consultancy report.

Contact us and receive more information about our Chinese tourism access pack.

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